The Power of thought and how to Use this Power

Power of thoughts is not what so many people understand. Thoughts are the main driving force of our destiny and we do no realize that most of the time.Thoughts have tremendous power. And it also have the capacity to change the mindset of the person if used properly. ” As a man thinketh, so he is”. Man is created by is own thoughts. What a man thinks of himself. he becomes that. If you think you are strong, strong you will become. if you think yourself as intelligent person. you will become intelligent person. But if you think about yourself as fool, you will also become a fool. A single thought can change you character if it is repetitive in nature. For ex- if you strongly believe, and think of yourself as intelligent you will become intelligent.

Real Power of Thoughts

Thoughts can change how you think. Thought can do anything. It can work wonders. The Power of a thought is unimaginable.Thought is a living force that has changed lives of those who realized the power of thought.

Our mind goes through around 6000- 6500 thoughts per day. The thoughts that we have are not even worth remembering most of the times. A of the people do not realize that the thoughts that we have daily shapes our behavior. Which in turn shapes our present and future.The truth is that own behavior is dictated by our thoughts that are repetitive in our mind.

The power of thought in modern world

Why do we see a lot of people nowadays who are not able to think clearly and have very little cognitive capability. And we ourselves struggle with keeping a single thought in our mind for a long time. This is due to the over stimulation of the senses. we keep feeding our mind with random information all day long. We keep scrolling on the internet to find the next dopamine hit that will give us more pleasure. In the pursuit of pleasure we are slowly diminishing the power of thought. which helps us shape our character and destiny. The reason for not having a strong thought force is because you don’t let your mind concentrate on a single thought. You do no give your mind enough free time to process the information that you feed it all day.

You will only have a strong thought force if you keep a single thought in your mind for a long time and keep repeating it. for example- you need to keep saying to yourself that you are strong and powerful for a long time to actually make yourself strong and powerful. Because if you have a single thought for a long time, you will start to act on it and will start forming habits around it to make yourself strong and powerful. and eventually you will achieve what you wanted with that thought because of the habits you have formed.

The way to Improve your Thoughts

Now you must be thinking that if thoughts are this much powerful, then how we can use this power to our advantage. To get ahead in life and taste the success that we always wanted to achieve.

The way we can improve or have more impactful thoughts. Which will benefit us are by improving our thinking process. As the more we make our thinking in structured manner the more we will be in control of our thoughts .And we will be able to make better life choices.

The way to improve your thinking is by this writing/ journaling method that we are about to discuss today.

Sitting and looking out of the window or sitting alone with a drink is not structured thinking. But getting your thoughts in order in writing is structured thinking.

This method is Discussed by Connor Neil. In his method of making your thinking process Structured, Connor Neil talks about improving your thinking through writing. When you start writing down your thoughts, you become aware of your thinking process. When you become aware of your thinking and what you think about most of the times, then you also start eliminating the thoughts that are negative in nature or the thoughts that keeps you in your comfort zone .The way to write is explained below.

That when you start writing with a blank page you should start the paragraph with the letter “This” . Because “this” word forces your mind to explain what the paragraph or the writing is going to be about. It also clarifies to you what you will be writing about. You need clarity Because if you do not know what you are writing about, you will wander here and there and will write about random topics that comes to your mind and that will not be structured thinking. And when you are writing down the idea or expanding the idea, don’t think about how good it sounds or how to write the line in better manner, you just need to write whatever you mind can produce about that single idea and how much you can write about that single thought of yours

now comes the best part, which helps you to structure your thinking

Now that you have written about a thought or a single idea in 1000-1500 words, you now need to edit the writing. when you edit this long paragraph you will start removing a lot parts which were not necessary and they were just the noise in your thoughts or writing. this is the part which will improve your thinking process and will teach your mind on how to expand on an idea and improve idea or thought.

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