Stop this to,Learn how to stay motivated for exams

how to stay motivated,

If i tell you to watch movies, listen to music,do some research on your favorite topic. You will happily do it all day long. But when you have to study from a book, all your motivation goes down the drain. It feels boring and you just doesn’t care about studying when u see a book. This can be due to multiple reasons, but we are not here to discuss all of it. The main cause is we do things randomly and all our activities are performed by us to receive some form of pleasure.

To overcome this behavior you need to embrace the lifestyle of discipline and ruthlessness. Which will take time, but when it starts to show results you will be shocked to see the productive results of your actions.

How to stay motivated
How to stay motivated

how to stay motivated

Motivation will only get you to a certain point, but discipline is the tool with which true success is Accomplished. The more discipline and drive you have towards your goals, the more you will achieve in your life.

1.) Elimination of hoping

If you think that you can achieve success in life by only working when you are motivated. Then you are very very mistaken and think foolishly. You may be able to work consistently with motivation for few days. But you cannot maintain a routine by hoping for motivation and only working when you have motivation or energy that you desire. Because motivation will fail you, as it doesn’t come when you need to study. Embrace discipline instead of hoping for motivation.

2.) Remove Feelings

Discipline is the most powerful weapon that you can use to achieve anything in life. But to maintain discipline everyday for long period of time. You have to remove feelings during your study time, that tell you to check your phone and scroll on Instagram or Facebook. Feelings are irrelevant during work, they don’t get to vote for your work ethic.

3.) Get Aggressive

You will never complete your big projects and tasks, if you are meek with your work. Now is the time to get aggressive and slay the dragon. Grab a notebook and pen, write down all of your enormous goals and projects, i.e Reading 10 books, Getting ‘x’ marks in GMAT,CAT or any other exam.You need to write the goals because it will help you in knowing what you are fighting for.

You will wander aimlessly through life unless you clearly define what you want, why you want it, and how you will get it.

Follow these steps to Set your goals

  1. Write down the specific thing you want to achieve
  2. Is the goal realistic ?
  3. Are my current habits helpful to achieve this goal ? If not then what habits i need to embrace
  4. Time needed to achieve this goal.

4.) Break things down

Now that you have set your specific goals, you need to break them into small and manageable tasks.The Big goals are necessary to break into small tasks, as you can easily track your progress. For example:- if you need to complete a 300 page long book in 15 days, then you will have to read 20 pages per day. Reading 20 pages everyday for 15 days already sounds easy and doable then completing 300 page long book.

If you have to get a top rank in a exam with 6 months of preparation. Divide the preparation into 6 months. A Big goal for each month. This way you will get 6 big tasks for each month. After that divide the 1 month goal into 4 tasks, as 1 task for each week. Then divide the each week task into 7 task, i,e 1 task for each day.

5.) One punch at a time

Now that you have divided your main goal into multiple tasks that are easy to achieve, start focusing on completing daily tasks. Decide at what time you will be studying and working and also decide the break time after work.

6.) Set boundaries

When you are studying in your allotted time, don’t let something else disturb your during that time. Write down al the things that can cause a distraction and break your focus, and keep them out of your zone/room while studying.

7.) Embrace Ruthlessness

The reason for defining each task that you will do daily is to keep your mind clear on what you are trying to do. So when you know what is the task that needs to be done, you need to crush that task and be ruthless while doing it. Ruthless doesn’t mean working quick, it means that when you are stuck at some point during studying, ex- a problem that you are not able to solve. Then search on google, youtube, reddit and forums. Even then if you are unable to solve the problem then ask your friends, teachers, or even comment on the YouTube videos you see on related topic.

Show ruthlessness in solving problems that occur during studying and don’t give up easily. When you have tried everything that comes to your mind to solve this problem, then leave that problem or bookmark it.

8.) Flexibility setting

Sometimes we are unable to complete task in given time and for that you have to set some rules and follow them. for example:- if you are studying from 6-12 to complete task ‘x’ and time is over and it’s 12 and you still haven’t completed the task. Then don’t immediately close your work, try to give yourself 10-20 more minutes to complete it, And still if you are unable to complete the task in extra 20 minutes. Close your study table and Add this uncompleted task to your tomorrow schedule of same time of 6-12.

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9.) Cross the task

whenever you complete your tasks during the day, cross them off your list. Because it gives you that dopamine hit that will push you to keep doing it consistently on daily basis.

10.) Smart Planning

Don’t waste your time in planning again and again for the same task that you can’t complete. if you are unable to accomplish your daily list of tasks. then you need to change your approach, not change your plan daily. What i mean by changing approach is to look at the reasons that are stopping you form achieving what you want. And then try to remove those distractions and form new habits that will keep you on track.


whenever you complete your task work, go out and enjoy your break. Do whatever you want to make yourself relax. It is important to let your mind take a break to process the information.

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