Powerful Steps to Develop Self discipline with 3 steps

To Develop self discipline Most people starts finding 8-10 methods that will magically make them to do the work that they want. Because When People think of discipline, the first thing that comes to their mind is being hard on yourself or forcing you mind to doing hard things. But that is not what makes you Disciplined.

Unlike animals, humans have the ability to override their biological behavior through self discipline. Everyone has desires to be in a loving relationship, to have a great career and have great health. And to achieve these things in life there are also short term pleasures and distractions such as porn, TV, video games and junk food.Which sometimes becomes big problems in the way to achieving what we want. We all want to achieve the great things in life but we keep succumbing to short term pleasures. The only way to achieve great things in life is through self discipline. Self discipline allows us to break free of our hardwired behavior which keeps us in mediocrity.

develop self discipline

All this is great that self discipline allows us to change our life around, Even if we are at the lowest point in our life. But it is not that easy as it sounds because the content that we consume from the internet and the companies that provide that content are aware of our natural and biological tendencies and use these against us by using super-normal stimuli.

An example of super-normal stimuli is junk food. We as humans tend to eat more salt, sugar and fats, due to evolutionary biology we crave more of it due to it’s super Stimuli nature.But now companies have genetically engineered food to include more fats and sugar than ever before in order to desire us even more.

social media and internet is another form of super-normal stimuli.Which Provide All the necessary pleasures that humans can think of Because In this new world of advance technology we are just a click away from everything we wants. humans are biologically wired to seek out novelty. For our ancestors novelty meant knowledge which could lead to more wisdom. This Thirst for novelty is what helped us thrive as a species.

However the internet has been designed to take advantage of this desire for novelty by showing you more novelty than you can ever dream of.This is why Even when we want to log off the internet we Can’t easily put the phone down.

Some evolutionary psychologist believe that video games like first person shooter and multiplayer games imitate environment that will be similar to the ones that our ancestor navigated in the past but super-normal version of them. That is why we get greater feeling of accomplishment in video games with a lot less work. due to the showing up of achievements in video games. this accomplishments in video games is the evidence that companies are aware that it will motivate players to keep playing

so not only are we sabotage by our own biology but we are being a target by cooperation’s seeking to take advantage of us and make a profit.

But we have a tool that can help us overcome this temptation that achieve great things in life that is self discipline.

How to be More disciplined

1. Why Element

You can’t develop self disciplined towards a goal if you do not have a strong reason to achieve that goal. for ex- you will study for a competitive exam if you are in dire need of job, or you will learn a skill with full dedication if that skill has the potential to help you get a raise in your salary.

Studies Also showed that a strong motivating reason is what allows people to tap in to willpower reserve that they might otherwise not have been able to.

Studies also show that a strong motivating reason “why” may only act as a buffer or a temporary solution to increase willpower and that willpower still does have a finite limit.

2. Singular Activities

You must have seen people that just keeps working hard no matter how much energy they have. For that you need to work every day on a single task, that can be Learning a new skill on a given time of the day.If you keep on doing it for 20-25 days that activity will become a habit. once that becomes a habit then direct your willpower and self discipline onto another singular activity. when you try to develop Self discipline at multiple things doesn’t happen all at once. first you have to use your willpower on a singular activity and then turn that activity into a habit before moving on to another activity or the habit you want to form.

When an activity becomes a habit it drains a lot less willpower.

3. Temptations

The one more important thing that stop most of the people from developing self discipline is “peer pressure“. When you want to move forward in life sometimes your friends represents a temptation to your old mediocre life. And most of the time we fell to that temptation because activities with your friends requires lot less self control than working alone to improve your life.

That is why you need a strong reason why you want to develop self discipline and you also need to prepare for the temptation by using if then technique, which is planning, that if your friends ask you to go out for a drink or party you will tell them a excuse or tell them you have some important work to do. You need to first consider the main temptations that may hinder your journey and prepare for them accordingly. Because if you prepare for the temptations before you will not need to use your willpower which is already a limited resource

This is a great strategy to use when we anticipate that there will be times when temptations will arise and our willpower might be low. it is an automatic and pre-planned response to temptation.

Developing Self discipline is like a muscle, the more you use it at times, the less you will need to exert your willpower to put in the work

Develop self discipline and you can achieve whatever you set you mind to.

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