Overcome fear of Public speaking with these 7 steps

Public speaking fear is seen in everyone who goes out to the stage to speak. But we notice very few who have the confidence to just go and speak without any fear, and they are just full of confidence and charisma. And we will talk about the steps that will help you to start counting yourself in those confident people.

In today’s world speaking in English is considered a skill that most people should have but very few have this skill. To speak in English fluently and articulately, and that sometimes get in their way of promotion and success in life. Think about your success over a lifetime. This is something to think about: the person who can formulate and communicate the best argument always has an advantage. To get a job, you have to make a strong case for yourself. You can convince your boss that you deserve a raise by presenting your case convincingly and with enough detail. Likewise, if you’re proposing an idea to others, it’s crucial to be able to defend the merits of the idea by winning over those who might have competing ideas.

With this guide that we have brought you today, will surely help to improve your speaking skills

Public speaking fear
Overcome your fear of public speaking and be confident

Conquer public speaking fear with these steps

1. Speak more Slowly and Clearly

When we are nervous we tend to speak fast and some of us are naturally fast speaker. But when you are speaking fast it does not look that you are confident in your speaking, and it makes a bad impression. So the most important trick is to speak more slowly and clearly than you usually do, in this way you will not make any mistakes in your language and pronunciation. This will also help you to calm down during your speaking and enabling you to also think quick on your feet. Speak in a manner that your audience is able to understand your words clearly But also don’t speak too slowly that the conversation starts becoming boring and lifeless.

2. Speak With Appropriate Pauses

Now the next thing you can do is use pauses effectively. It always happen that when you are talking for a long time, if you do not pause the conversation can become very monotonous. Now that you are speaking slowly and clearly make sure that you use pauses effectively at various points in your conversation, using a dramatic pause or a short pause of 2-3 seconds so that you can add more weight to your previous sentences and help you make your point effectively. The main reason for these pauses is that it gives you more time to collect your thoughts in order to speak further and let your audience digest the points that you have already made in your speech

3. Avoid telling irrelevant stories

When you are confused and are not focused on the ongoing topic, you may start to share too much information. It is because, when you are not focused on your speech, you start sharing incidents and stories which are not related to the topic that you are speaking on. You should never share stories that are not related to the topic that you are speaking on, the audience start to get confused as when you are not talking to the point or revolve your lecture around multiple stories. So keep the conversation absolutely relevant, crisp, too the point and short. if you do this you will come across a person who is full of authority and and confidence.

4. Use a deeper and base voice

Whenever you have watched some motivational speaker talk on stage you may have noticed that they all have one thing in common that they all use a deeper voice for authority and research also showed that the speaker that use their deeper voice are more popular in the general public than the ones that have really soft voice. the one thing you also need to be careful about is that the listeners should not be able to catch you with your deeper voice, and for that, try to make your voice sound as natural as possible during the conversation. one more important point to keep in mind is that you need to practice your deeper voice before any conversation. and if you do not practice your deeper voice it may sound unnatural, forced and will create and negative impact. so it is better to practice this deeper voice.

5. Maintain a confident posture

This is one of the most talked about point in public speaking or while making any conversation that you should appear as someone who is confident in his appearance. whether you are standing or sitting while speaking, make sure that your back is straight, shoulders a little backward and neck not bend over to the front. By doing this you will appear more confident and you will also feel the confidence. the best effect it will have on your voice as a good posture makes you breathe better and when you breathe properly you automatically start sounding better than most people.

6. Use hand gestures wisely

use your hand wisely and effectively during a conversation to make it more appealing to the audience. Because if you have absolutely crazy uncontrolled gestures during a lecture it would make you appear confused and lost. and that is something that you need to avoid. one effective way to do this is to pre-decide which hand gestures you will use during your lecture and that can be done by practicing your lecture before giving it.

7. Read and practice more

The last and the most important point to remember is to practice, practice and practice. because you need to be fluent in the language. you speak and you also need to have more vocabulary stored in your mind, as there will be time when some conversations will be far more important than others as they may have an effect on your career or your life in general

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