How to learn anything and Master any skill faster

A lot of questions and difficulties arises when we are about to learn a new skill. These difficulties involves the problem of overcoming procrastination and staying motivated for long time. Even if we overcome these two problems then there are other numerous doubts that starts arising in our mind.

Which are about fear of completion, and questioning our own approach to learning the skill that whether it’s right or wrong approach to go this way. To deal with these problems you have to learn how to control your own behavior during learning a skill. We are going to talk about how to learn any skill faster and master it.

how to learn anything and master skill faster
The Process of Learning

1. Overcoming Procrastination

Why procrastination first ?. Because if you are going to learn something you also need to be consistent everyday. And with procrastination, you are never going to learn anything properly. When we start to learn any new skill our brain doesn’t like the idea of putting in the effort. This is because when we start to learn something new it starts to add a little bit stress to our mind. Which is also the same area that activates pain in our body. So that is why the at the start of learning something new, your mind gives you anxiety and stress at first. That it why your brain doesn’t like the idea of learning something new.

The best solution to this problem is “just start doing it”. it may sound simple and usual advice at first but it is important that you learn to take action when there is some hesitation in your mind. Because if you keep finding ways to remove procrastination without putting in work with force, it may take few days for you to find the right mood to actually start the work. And even after that you will not be Consistent in taking action.

But once you overcome that first hesitation of showing up and at least start working even for 1 minute, all that discomfort and anxiety will automatically goes away and you will be in the learning zone.

This method becomes a lot easier, the more times you get over the first hurdle of showing up. But sometimes the problem of procrastination doesn’t goes away even after doing this method several times. But why is that ?

Because when you start learning something, at some point you are going to encounter a problem in learning a skill. and that may be a equation or method that you are unable to solve or a programming error that you cannot solve. At that moment you attention shifts to something else because you are frustrated and angry at that problem. Then your brain goes for some short term reward because it is not getting a reward that it anticipated while learning the skill. To overcome this you need to overcome that temptation of checking Instagram, twitter or Facebook cause once you start doing that, you brain will force you to find something to enjoy for short term when you encounter a problem. And in that way whenever you encounter a problem while learning. it will destroy you whole planning and motivation for learning the skill.

2. Remembering

The worst part of learning is skill is when you start forgetting the basics and to remember it again you have to go to the basics part again and again which makes the learning process very boring and it kills your motivation to learn. So how do you Remember what you learned.

When you start to learn something, the cell in your nervous system called a neuron starts Processing data. information flows from one neuron to another neuron through a synapse and your brain has billion of these synapses. so whenever you start learning something new, you brain creates synapses and there is actually no limit of how much you can learn, But it is important to take rest. For your brain to remember the things you learn, it actually need time to process whatever information you send to your brain. Learning is just repetition and relearning what you are forgetting. So that your memory gets stronger for the skill you are learning. Our brain is very good at remembering things but it only remembers the things that it considers important so to remember what you have learned is to keep repeating and relearning.So that you brain thinks it is important to remember this information.

The Number one tool that helps us to actually remember things is ‘’SLEEP’’. sleep is very important to process the information that you send to the brain and to build the learning synapses. Exercise and being socially in contact helps your brain to create more neurons. so staying physically active and being in social environment helps you to study and learn better

3. Putting the work

There are two different modes of thinking

  1. The focused mode
  2. The diffused mode

The focused mode which is also called the left brain mode, while learning, this mode requires that there should be no distractions while learning something new.

Diffused mode is also called creative or right brain mode. with this mode your brain is free to wander. you can put on some music or video in the background. this method is applied when you are relearning what you have already learned.

so we are not using one side of the brain when we are learning something new but we are switching back and forth between left and right brain.

To learn something you have to put in a lot of work by yourself. you cannot learn painting while watching a video of someone paint. Learning is mostly solving problems yourself. What most people do while learning a skill is they keep watching videos and not practice what they learned. so it is important to actually test what you are learning simultaneously.

4. Overcoming Tough time

Sometimes learning gets hard and that maybe due to the subject being difficult or you have never read something about it.

The important thing to remember when learning gets tough is learning the basics of the skill that you are learning and once you learn those basics, the things that are harder to learn will start to connect as your synapses will start to connect the things that seems complicated, because now you have learned the basics and your mind can related/connect the things that you learned previously so that you understand hard topics easily.

5. Studying Correctly

To test your learning, start putting the things you have learned in your own perspective and if doesn’t seem correct with the information that you learned then go to the source and learn again.

The large part of learning something is correcting your mistakes on the way to mastering it so don’t be afraid to make mistakes while practicing.

one more important thing to note is that don’t just keep learning and studying one thing over and over again, try to mix things up by testing your knowledge or the things that you have learned. give your mind time and space between learning things because it need time to process information and you can’t just keep feeding information to your brain constantly without giving it the time it needs to process information. set a time to study and set a different time to test your knowledge.

6. Process

For normal human being it is normal to procrastinate because when we are learning something new, things often feel unpleasant. As we are completely new to the things that we are learning they often present us with difficulties and challenges. But while learning new things you can just focus on the tiny steps of just focusing on the present rather than the end goal. So instead of worrying about the time it is gonna take to learn the skill you can take the initiative of taking action, making time investment on the skill you want to learn.

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