How to Concentrate on Studies without any distraction

How to concentrate on studies and to do it without feeling the pressure of forcing yourself can be bit tricky. But there are ways with you can seamlessly put your brain to study effectively and learn stuff without spending 10-12 hours daily. Working less doesn’t mean you will not have to invest much time. It means building a routine and systematic approach to study and not studying at random time in the day. If you don’t want to read the article then just skip to the conclusion part at the end.

how to concentrate on studies without distractions

How to concentrate on studies

The fundamental reason that you cannot concentrate on studying or any work is due to the method used to study. You are not going to start studying for long hours even if you find some hack or trick on the internet. Most of the articles that you read on studying effectively don’t focus much on making a long term solution but they give you a small hack which unfortunately works for 1-2 days. After that you come back to your old procrastinating behavior.

To really learn about how to concentrate on studies you need to make a system around which you will plan your study time. First thing you need to remember is you need to develop a habit of doing intense study or learning for just 25-30 minutes at the starting of making a routine. When you are able to focus on studying even for 25-30 minutes the possibility of studying 8-10 hours a days opens up. The reason most people fail to study for long hours is because they try to force themselves to study even when they are not capable to studying for 30 minutes.

followings are the fundamental methods that will help you make a routine. The techniques mentioned below are backed by scientific research and studies and the links are given to the full research to every technique.

1. Study Short and Breaks

Our mind does not like to be fed information consistently. And if we try to force our mind to learn for longer period of time it will give us a sense of learned something but it will forget it after few time. To avoid this, try to keep your study time between 25-30 minutes or 40-45 minutes.Don’t study for too long if you are not enjoying it. Take short breaks after 20-30 minutes.

2. Dedicated study area

When we keep switching places where we study, it doesn’t help in making concentration and focus. If we dedicate a small area of our room just for studying it helps in making routine and your brain easily switches to learning mode whenever you sit at that area. Don’t study in the living room,bedroom, etc. Study in a separate place dedicated to studying

3. Rote memorization v/s active learning

The more active you are in your studying the more effective it will be for your learning process. Best way to learn effectively is to know what you are learning first, is it a fact or a concept ?. Understanding the name of a body part is a fact, but understanding what it does in the body is a concept. Learning a concept is a more important step as it will increase you capability to connect more information together. Don’t try to memorize without understanding. try to understand the concept first.

IF you are able to write down the concept that you learned in 300-600 word then it is clear that you have understood the concept clearly. But if you struggle to put the concept in your own words then you have to start over again with the basics of the topic that you are trying to learn.

4. Study groups

When you are learning a difficult topic, the best way to understand it, is with a study group. Be careful who you select to study with, because it is better to study alone than with a clumsy partner who will just waste time. Don’t Always study alone, studying in groups helps a lot.

5. Highlighting

Highlighting a line when you are reading can seem a best way to remember it. But don’t be fooled by this trick that your mind plays when you highlight something or when you read already highlighted line. You think that you remember what you highlighted but when you try to speak or remember the line without looking at the book you fail to recall the line. If you want to use the highlighting text method effectively, then try to write something beside the text or line that you underline and write something that is related to the text that you are marking. Don’t highlight text blindly. highlighting doesn’t help that much. It only indicated recognizance and not recollection of topic.

6. Notes

One of the most important technique to learn fast is taking notes. Don’t just take notes for filling the pages. Write whatever teacher tells during the class, and when the class ends. Try to expand the notes into 2-3x times more than what you wrote. Expand your notes within 2 hours after the class has ended because your mind will not be able to recall some of the stuff after that much time. Always take notes. Reviewing the notes after a short time helps a lot.

7. Active recitation or teaching

IF you want to learn fast and remember the topics for long time. Try to teach what you have learned to others. If you don’t have anyone to teach to then try to teach to a chair. The other thing that you can try is start posting about what you have learned on social media or make a video of yourself explaining the topic and upload it to youtube. There is so many ways you can offer your learning to others in today’s online world. Always try to teach others what you have learned. Teaching is the best way of learning.

8. Sleeping (REM sleep)

Sleep is so much important for pushing something into your long Term memory. Get at-least 7-8 hours of sound sleep. When you are sleep deprived you tend to loose focus easily forget whatever you learn in few hours of time. During sleep there is a phase called REM sleep, where your mind recalls and repeat whatever you learn throughout the day. If you are only able the sleep 5-6 hours regularly, then you don’t get REM sleep regularly and your learning process slows down.

If you want to read more about the connection between learning and REM sleep then check out this Article.


These techniques are very simple and yet if you apply them into your studying process they give you enormous reward. But the trick is to do them repeatedly and maintain consistency in the process. Some days you will have to push through the initial hesitation to work and when you start pushing through that initial phase every day, then at that moment you will not need any technique to motivated or inspire you to work for your own improvement.

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