Best way to do planning for Government job preparation

government job preparation,When you are preparing for government or any other competitive exam, there is always a sense of fear in your mind. The fear that whether you will be able to clear the exam or not. This fear tends to increase 10x if you don’t have a solid planning for you preparation. Because if you don’t have any planning then you will not be able to accomplish your objective.

Why planning is Important

The reason most people fail to clear exams or get top rank in government exams is because they don’t have a end goal. Most people just study randomly with no clear path in mind. They don’t even know the syllabus of the exam properly. Only 5 – 10% of people are serious about their preparation, rest is just the crowd. So if you put in even a little bit of extra effort in planning for your preparation you will be miles ahead of your competition.

Here is a stat from UPSC 2019 exam. Only 40-50% of students gave the prelims out of 10 lakh students who filled the application form. They didn’t show up even for prelims. And Only 9k- 10k students cleared the prelims. Then only 2000 cleared the mains and appeared for interview.

The students who cleared the mains always tell to make a good preparation structure for government exam. Because the syllabus is so much that even if you want to Get top 50 rank in UPSC you only need to score 50-55% of the total marks.

That is why if you have solid planning for each subject, then your preparation will be little less hectic than usual.

Know your Limitations

When you start making your strategy on how you will prepare for the exam, you need to be very smart while making it. Because most people make their planning by watching a lot of topper videos and blindly follow them. Students blindly follow toppers by copying their whole planning on how they prepared for exam. It is not bad to listen and watch interviews of previous year toppers, but it is not going to benefit you if you copy 100% of their preparation strategy.

The reason someone else’s preparation strategy won’t work for you, is because everyone has different way of studying and learning. Some students study continuously for 7-8 hours and are able to complete only 1-2 chapters. Where some students study for only short amount of time, i.e 2 sessions of 2 hours with breaks and they complete the same chapter with less time.

So how to plan for exams and which time table to choose is the decision you need to take. Because if you follow toppers strategy, you will keep changing your time table after few days of failure. You should always make plans and time table for studying according to your current habits and keep upgrading it 1% everyday.

How to Upgrade your Preparation time table

If you never studied for long period of time, then you should not make plans to even study for 2 or 3 hours continuously. I know, right now you must be thinking that. ” I can study for 3 to 4 hours continuously and that i am different that everyone else”. Don’t think like that, or otherwise you will fail miserably in your exam and you will waste your precious time.

You should first make habit of just studying for short period of time, i.e starting with 30 – 45 minutes. Make 5-6 sessions of 30-45 minutes of study daily. You can do it by dividing sessions for morning, afternoon and last 2 sessions for evening and night. Do it for 20 days straight without any off day. This way you will find it easy to stay energetic and will not feel burnout.

After you have completed your first 20 days, start upgrading your time table. Increase 5 minutes daily and keep doing it until you start studying for long hours.

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Only 2 Ways to Prepare for Competitive exams

  1. IF You are Starting from scratch :- A lot of students who prepare for competitive exams have no practice or recollection of basic subjects. The basic subjects include mathematics and general aptitude. Those who don’t have good understanding of fundamental subjects will always feel behind. That is why at the start of your preparation your main goal is to get at least 60- 70% good in those fundamental subjects. It will be lot easier for you to make progress if you know your basic subjects.
  • Prepare basic/fundamental subject first.
  • Divide your day for preparation of 2 subjects at first.
  • Start slowly if you want to set a routine, don’t rush your preparation in early days.
  • Solve previous years papers to check your fundamental subjects knowledge
  • When you are a little confident of your Basic subjects, Start other subjects
  • Take breaks to avoid burnout on mind
  • Always have little bit of flexibility in your daily routine
  1. IF You have Good understanding of fundamentals :- The preparation is going to be more smooth if you have a good fundamental knowledge. No matter if you are preparing for UPSC, CAT, GATE, BANK exams or even SSC, you will need mathematics and general aptitude. So it is going to be enormous help to you if your fundamentals subjects are good.
  • Check your fundamental subjects knowledge first, by giving mock tests.
  • If your scores of basic subjects are good, then proceed with other subjects
  • Make list of all the subjects and then make time table
  • If you have studied for long hours before, only then proceed with intense schedule
  • Take breaks to avoid burnout

Use time Wisely

During you exam preparation, time is the most valuable thing that you have. You may think that you have enough time to prepare for the exam. But trust me, even 1 year will be less without proper planning. So when you begin your preparation, the most important thing to do at first, is Planning smartly. While planning the schedule remember that, the routine should not be a burden to you. Because if you study like it is some kind of forced work, then you will never be able to clear any exam. Study so that you can learn, and when you study for the sole purpose of learning. Then your 50% preparation is already done.

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