5 ways to Improve English Speaking Skills faster

Improve your English speaking Skills But first, Why is speaking clearly and articulately is important ?

When you are able to speak English and convey your thoughts and ideas to others, it opens a lot more opportunities for you than usual. You are able to work in global companies and are able to communicate and meet new people when you travel. It is a very important skill to have in today’s globally connected world.

In this article we will help you to improve your English speaking skills by the following methods

Improve English speaking by listening

  • Unfortunately many students try to learn and improve their speaking by just reading through books and they must have learnt to do it from their teachers. This method may have worked in the past but nowadays people demand instant results and this way to reading books and learning from reading takes time to show results. You also need to understand that reading and speaking are 2 different systems. And you train both of these skills separately. To Improve your speaking by listening is using the imitating method, in which you open a video on YouTube of any topic that you like, and then listen to the person speaking for 5-10 second and after that you need to repeat what he said, in this way you will be able to pronounce the words correctly and your grammar will also be good.

To increase the difficulty in this method just watch the whole video and after that record yourself repeating what the person said in the video but in your own way, in the way you understood the message in the video

Vocabulary repetition

We all have learnt many new words and sometimes we even try to use them in our speaking practice. but after few days we start to forget the new words that we learned, which ruins the learning process and it starts becoming boring and time consuming. The best way to avoid this is whenever you learn a new word, use that word in multiple sentences during your practice.

for ex➖

the roller coaster ride was staggering

now use this ‘’staggering’’ word in other sentences like-

the money that we spent yesterday was ‘’staggering’’ .This formula of using a vocab in multiple sentences helps you to remember quick

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While practicing speaking pay attention to the words and the sentences you are using together. Listen to yourself carefully so that you are able to point out your own mistakes that you make repeatedly. Using this method will also help you to eliminate the grammatical errors that you make while speaking.Fluency in speaking will not come by just reading and listening, you have to Practice and correct your mistakes after practicing.

Improve English speaking by Pushing yourself

When you are learning to speak fluent English, you become comfortable in learning process and hesitate to practice your English with others, this is where most of the people slow down their process of learning when they start to hesitate to get out of their comfort zone. Don’t do this, you need to practice a lot to be better and even if you do not have a practicing partner you can find a lot of people on Facebook Groups, and other social media platforms. Even then if you do not find someone you can practice your English by talking to the customer care executives of a company by asking them about their product, just dial a call and tell them you want to know these things about their product. In this way you only need to be focused on your speaking and not care about what are your hand gestures or about your body language.


If you think that you will be able to speak glisten by just watching movies, listening to songs and reading then you are wrong. you will be able to understand English and interpret what others are saying but to really be fluent in speaking you will need to practice daily. Think of it like a skill, the more you practice it, the more you will be better at it. Choose a time and make routine or at least promise yourself that you will practice 10-20 or 30 minutes daily for the next 6 months. In this much time you will be able to speak fluent English if you are consistent.

Conclusion:- Speaking fluent English is not a rocket science that will take years to master. it is just a normal skill that you need to give time and you will learn. discipline is the most important part of mastering this skill and you need to be consistent, if you want to see results early than other people.To make this process more effective you can start recording yourself while you are practicing speaking. In this way you will be able to see your body language during speaking and can also make improvement in that.

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